Hanasaka G Wax

Hanasaka G Wax is polish which combinines the performance of cleaner,polisher and wax.


  • Aging change ,UV blurring due to ultraviolet rays,faded・・・carefuly polishing with soft cloth makes it slipperry and shiny!
  • Cloudy plating, change dull aluminum to shine.
  • Scratches painted thinly,scratches by the nails around the door knob,polishing with Hanasaka G wax, it becomes almost inconspicuous.
  • White turbidity and yellowing of vinly windows such as open cars and jeepa interfere with vision, please enjoy clean scenery with Hanasaka G wax .
  • It is effective also for yellowing of plastic light cover.

Internal capacity / 220g

Sold only in Japan.